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Commercial, Residential & Agricultural - we've got a solution for all your needs

Whether you are looking to power your own home or business, we've got a system that will provide your energy needs, reduce your energy costs and all provided by clean and renewable solar energy.

We provide panel systems, starting from 2.5kW for residential buildings, up to unlimited sizes for large commercial and agricultural businesses. To date, our single biggest install has been 300kW.

Solar panels can be fitted to existing buildings or if you're at the building stage, we will work alongside your building contractor to fit the panels.

We carry out an initial site survey to determine the best size and positioning of the panels, always striving to ensure that we maximise solar energy production.

On average per year we install over 150 separate systems, throughout the whole of Ireland, providing an estimated 1500kW of clean, cost effective renewal energy.

Start realising savings from the first day that the system is switched on.

Get in touch with us today so we can start you on your solar energy journey that will not only provide clean and renewable energy but will also reduce and stabilise your on-going energy costs.

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